The Sixers ‘roadmap to straighten out Simmons’ career

Ben Simmons is in the eye of the hurricane. He has been the most noted and vilified player by the fans of the Philadelphia 76ers and the NBA in general. No one understands how he has failed so much and why the Sixers have not tried to solve this problem with more authority.

Doc Rivers, coach of the Pennsylvania franchise, revealed at the season’s farewell press conference that they have a plan in place to try to straighten out the Australian guard’s career path.

“Without going into details of what we are doing, I think we know which job is the right one”Rivers answered about the vacation period and individual workouts that awaits Simmons. “You can do a lot of work all the time, but if you don’t do it well you may not improve. After being here a year, I think we have identified the what and the how, and now we have to apply it. You have to work, and it will not be easy, but eIt’s a job Ben can do”.

Simmons has not yet decided if he will participate this summer in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, although everything indicates that he will choose to give up competing with Australia to focus exclusively on improving his shooting technique.

“I have not thrown anything well in the tie”Acknowledged the player after the elimination of the Sixers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Atlanta Hawks in seven games. “In attack I was not there, I did not do enough for my teammates. There are many things I have to work on ”.

Simmons, despite his recognized scoring problem, has been a three-time NBA All Star pick, and in 2018 he took home the league’s rookie of the year award. He’s agile, burly and tall, and one of the best space generators in the competition. In addition, his defense is considered one of the best in the league.

There are many reasons why Simmons continues to be important to the Sixers and to any team, but his team now wants him to fix his shooting reliability once and for all – especially his lousy numbers from the free throw line.

The ‘aussie’ has perpetrated worst free throw percentage ever in a playoff series for a player with impact and a considerable amount of opportunities from the personnel line: a very poor 33.3% success rate (15 out of 45 in total).

In the final quarters between the fourth and seventh games, Simmons has accumulated 34 minutes on the court and has contributed only 6 points with no field goal attempted.

“I am positive about Ben, although I am still tough on him. You have to work, and he is willing to workit is a great challenge, but it is a possible challenge “, settled Rivers to distance himself from his hot reaction after the elimination, when he declared that he “did not know” if Simmons should continue in Philadelphia.

Amid a sea of ​​rumors about an immediate transfer, the Sixers have fallen back and are back to support their teammate. Simmons will have to work hard to regain the full confidence of the team.

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