Mondelo: “Serbia likes to play chaos”

Lucas Mondelo, coach of the Spanish basketball team, spoke with EFE about the strengths and weaknesses of Serbia, rival in the quarterfinals in the Eurobasket, and the one who said that “he likes to play chaos”.

“They are old acquaintances, a homogeneous block who have been together for many years and who do not have casualties like us. It will be very difficult, but we have to play our tricks,” he said. Lucas Mondelo.

The pace of play and defense will be some of the strengths of the Spanish. “It is true that if we can print a very high pace, which does not have a large error cost for us, we will have a pike in Flanders facing the third and fourth rooms, but they are going to temporize at times and peck at others, “he explained to EFE Mondelo.

“TO Serbia He likes to play chaos, he has players who press, they load a lot of the offensive rebound with what they have second options and shots of three and that is what does a lot of damage to the rivals, “he continued.

The Spanish defense is changing the game of the rivals a lot. “We have a defensive skeleton and a premise that must be met, but depending on the rival, as if it were a salad we put more or less olives, carrots or beets. This is the idea and that allows us to play arriving, playing with spaces and make better decisions in attack, “said the coach.

Serbia It’s a team veteran and if the rate is high they can still pay it at the end. “They are veterans in quotes, we also have Laia Palau. They have a lot of experience, they know how to regulate times, when you have to make a maximum effort and when you have to compromise and that makes them very dangerous because, in addition, they have a lot of talent, “he said Mondelo.

Sonja vasic He is the star of the team, but Serbia is much more talented. “Besides Sonja Vasic, they have Nevena Jovanovic, to Jelena brooks and a young woman who is called to replace Vasic as he is Aleksandra Crvendakic. These players give the team that point of energy that may be missing in a moment and having the nationalized at the base gives them that point of speed that they did not have before, “he said.

It is also true that Spain has won Serbia usually. “With us they have always had problems because we changed their defenses and we did not fall into their chaos due to the quality of our bases and they had to attack five against five, which is not going so well for them because of our type of defense and that is ours. trick “, he observed Mondelo.

“They really want to beat us. That is a motivation and a challenge for them, but it can become a burden if we hold on and take the game where we want, but for that we have to go out on the field well and hold their game for a long time” followed the coach.

It will, therefore, be a match of physical and mental toughness. “If there are two teams that are mentally strong, they are them and us. The Serbs, both boys and girls, are teams of brutal mental toughness,” he said. Mondelo.

As for his weak point, the coach spoke of the defensive balance. “Their weakest point is the defensive balance, although they are ready to stop the ball with fouls. The work of defensive changes taking them out of their usual spaces dislodges them a bit,” he stressed.

“As for your strengths, Vasic Y Jovanovic They are the most important in attack because of the hot balls that are played, and at the defensive level Brooks it gives them great strength “, completed the technician.

“The game should be brought to an end that is not heads or tails because there we are a team under construction and when that hot potato happens, it is not defined who plays it. In Serbia, however, it is very clear who will He is going to play it. There they have an advantage, “he concluded. Lucas Mondelo.

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