The Lakers look to Ricky if they can’t keep Schroder

Los angeles lakers They are working to rebuild the failure of their first-round elimination of this season’s playoffs, and they do so with several names on their agenda. One of the priorities is to retain Dennis
Schroder But they know it won’t be easy

Now, the latest information suggests that if the Angelenos fail to reach an agreement with the German base, they will focus their efforts on Ricky
blond for the Catalan to wear the gold and purple shirt.

Schroder has been one of the best pieces of the Lakers this year, especially after the injuries suffered by its stars. Dennis has averaged 15.4 points, 3.5 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game, numbers that nevertheless fell in the playoffs.

However, the German point guard has already dropped that he would seek a great contract, something the Lakers may not be so willing to offer him. Wojnarowski, from ESPN, has pointed out that Ricky Rubio could be a candidate to fill that position if Schroder leaves LA.

The Spanish would not contribute the points of the German but would improve the creation and defense capabilities of the Angelenos. Ricky has one more year of contract but Minnesota It could trade him this season.

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