Bradley Beal would be considering requesting his transfer to the Wizards

We can have earthquake in the NBA before the next draft. Just a few nights before one of the most important evenings of the year takes place, different information suggests that Bradley Beal wants to get out of Washington.

In the United States, different media have reported that the Wizards star I would be considering asking the franchise to transfer it. Beal knows that he has to make the decision before this Thursday, so that Washington have room for maneuver.

Beal, who was left out of the Games
Olympics due to a Covid-19 contagion, he is already thinking about the next season and does not want to go through the disappointment of the one that has just ended; wants to play for a winning team.

During this year all the information indicated that Beal was committed to the Wizards long-term project. However, in recent weeks, the change of coach and the evaluation of the campaign have made the player rethinks his future.

We will have to see how Beal’s situation develops, but it could become a highly valued piece in this summer market. Between the draft and future free agency, the NBA is on fire.

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