The keys to a Game 5 that can be decisive

Whoever wins the fifth game will win the ring. That seems to be the general consensus in the inner circles of the NBA who see how the elimination for the title could be decided tonight in Game 5 of the NBA Finals between Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks.

So far, both teams have divided the matches, each winning the two disputed in front of their public. However, it is those from Wisconsin that arrive in upward dynamics after the last two victories and the rebirth of players like Khris middleton.

What should we look at with a magnifying glass in this fifth meeting? Well, without any doubt, we will have to look at players like Chris paul. Through the hands of the base, and never better said, pass the options of Phoenix, who has missed his security and creation with the ball in the two losses suffered at the Fiserv Forum.


CP3 has gone from being life insurance to becoming a problem. His turnovers, his poor scoring and, ultimately, the poor impact he had on the court doomed the Suns against Milwaukee. As much as Devin Booker works, without Paul there will be no victory.

At the same time, something similar can happen in the Bucks. Giannis Antetokounmpo chained two colossal performances in the third and fourth games but Monty Williams hit the key in the last matchup. He managed to limit the Greek, moving him away from his area of ​​influence and forcing Milwaukee to improvise.

And boy did they improvise. They did it, despite a horrible Jrue Holiday, hand in hand with their other star. Khris Middleton shone above any
to, even overshadowing Booker’s titanic match. Game 4 was played in Middleton’s yard and Middleton did what he wanted with the Suns.

Milwaukee has shown that it is not solely dependent on Anteto. Middleton’s appearance It arrives just in time, when the team needed it most. Now they only have to recover Jrue, correct in defense but horrible in attack in these Finals games. If they manage to plug into the base, the ring will start to turn green.

However, they have a variable in front of them that perhaps they did not have. It’s unfair to say that Devin Booker was unexpected but perhaps what is surprising is not their performances but how convincing they are.

The Suns guard was superb in the last game. Only limited by fault problems, Booker held Phoenix throughout the match, practically alone. It seemed that, to anything that his team threw a cable, the Suns had won.

The return to the Arizona desert will be tough for Milwaukee, who will miss the caldera of his pavilion. However, they arrive in a better mental state than their rival. With at least two games to play, It seems that whoever wins today will win the next one too and, therefore, the title of champion.

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