Red Sox finish off Yankees and advance to Division Series against Tampa Bay

New York and Boston entered the last day of the season ...

Lyou New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox they lived one more chapter of the biggest rivalry in the Big Top, when the teams collided in the wild card game, where they had no mercy and won 2-6 with a perfect performance of their bull-pen.

Red Sox hosted some Yankees who entered the wild card position on the last day, despite the fact that the future was always in their hands. And it was the same feeling of irregularity that prevailed during the first three innings by giving the first three races of the night.

Gerrit Cole couldn’t in the first inning. Bogaerts hit a deep who went over the fence to drive Fenway crazy. Moments before Cole lost a walk and so fell the first two runs of the night.

Cole remained erratic until the third episode, while Nathan Eovaldi finished with eight players in strikeouts who were helped with the local defense. Until Kyle Schwarder hit a dry blow for a Cole safety and thus add the third of the night.

The night seemed difficult for the visitors. Rizzo had to hit the Bronx Bombers with a hit. that exceeded the top right to score 1-3.

From Cole passed Holmes he did a good job, although he also ended up off the diamond so Severino entered a match in which he did not appear either. Especially since he allowed a walk from Xanders in the bottom sixth inning, which helped him on a right-side hit to score the fourth run of the first wild card game.

The New York Yankees needed the Red Sox to stop scoring. LoƔisaga let go of a pair of walks in the seventh inning. Then Green came in to remove but the changes did not carburet. A new base left the Red Sox with a full house. Rizzo, Torres, Urshela and Odor in the garden had the responsibility to stop the pressure from the premises, but Alex Verdugo came in to get a couple of runs off a single.

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