A long battle between PSG and Real Madrid for Mbappé will continue for 87 days

ANDl Mbappé’s case seems that he will continue to antagonize PSG and Real Madrid between now and January 1, which will be when the French striker is free to reach the Spanish team at no cost. Due to Kylian’s statements, The peace between the two teams has come to an end and they will complicate the negotiations between the two.

This was probably not the purpose of Mbappé, who He intended above all to give his version of what happened this summer, but his statements have served for the two clubs to fix their positions again. There are now 87 days for Kylian to sign for Madrid, if that is still your purpose, but by the time that date arrives, the pulse has already begun.

In the morning, Florentino Pérez I visited the newsroom of The debate with Mbappé’s interview in LÉquipe fresh out of the oven. “In January we will have news from Mbappé. We hope that on January 1 everything can be solved, “the newspaper reported from the president of the white club, who just an hour later qualified his statements in Radio Montecarlo (RMC):My words were misinterpreted. What I said is that we have to wait until next year to find out, always with respect to PSG with whom we have good relations. “

But not everything was there. Already in the afternoon, Leonardo he counterattacked in the newspaper L’Équipe: “This new departure is situated in the lack of respect towards PSG and towards Mbappé. In fact, in the same week a Real Madrid player (Karim Benzema), then the Madrid coach and now the president talks about Kylian as if he were already one of their own. ”Florentino had already spoken to his Mbappe fans this week. I repeat: it is a lack of respect that we cannot tolerate “, commented the sporting director of the French club.

The truth is that both clubs cling to Mbappé’s statements to continue believing in his strategy. For the white club, everything is very clear. The footballer practically closes with these statements his stage in Paris and he will stand firm in his posture.

However, from PSG they are already moving, as MARCA has learned, to propose a two-year offer to the player and what part of his environment he welcomes. They believe that the forward is no longer so castled in his position, from what comes to them from the two interviews, his tone and speech was more conciliatory, and they know that the proposal cannot be very long because he wants to leave sooner rather than later. And all after, in addition to the footballer not having closed any doors. “You never know what can happen in football. Six tables ago I didn’t know I wanted to leave. I learned something. Yesterday’s truth is not today’s, nor tomorrow’s.” Word of Mbappé.

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