Pittsburgh hits first and recipe defeats Dallas

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The game that formally begins the preseason of the NFL in the Hall of Fame led to face the teams of the Dallas Cowboys, who fell 3-16 before the Pittsburgh steelers in the game that saw the debut of the Mexican Isaac Alarcon looking to be on the final Cowboys roster for the 2021-2022 regular season.

In the game that served to measure the reach of their players, little by little, they became more aggressive on the grid, but after 11 plays is how the Dallas Cowboys’ field goal arrived, with the 29-yard kick from Hunter niswander to open the marker.

Soon after, Niswander himself missed an identical 29-yard attempt and they stayed 3-0.

The Pittsburgh Steelers also had a chance to score points, but the 49-yard attempt by Sam Sloman it was not good and the opportunity to tie the game was lost.

For the second quarter, the Mexican entered with the 60 jersey for his first preseason game as a left guard and he was confident.

He took advantage of his moment to effect the blockade that helped rich Dowle and getting the first and ten and helping the team out of the corner that Pittsburgh had placed them in.

But the opportunity came to Kalen Ballage, the left guard on the carry that meant 6 points for Pittsburgh and before closing the third quarter, a 48-yard field goal from Sam Sloman He increased the lead and now the board was 3-9, thus cleaning up his blunder of not getting the extra point after the score.

To close in the fourth quarter, Joshua Dubbs in shotgun formation was able to send the 5-yard pass to Tyler Simmonds to get the touchdown and with Sam Sloman’s extra point the score was definitively closed 3-16.

The Cowboys leave with their first defeat in the preseason, although there are still other preseason games for them to prepare for the start of the 2021-2022 season, first against the Arizona cardinals, then before Houston Texans before reaching the Jacksonville to face the Jaguars and close against the champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers of Tom brady.

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