Obradovic has already decided: returns to Partizan

Zeljko Obradovic He said in early June that he would make a decision regarding his future by the end of the month. His choice has been a direct return to the origins: he will train the Partizan from Belgrade.

According to the Serbian newspaper Kurir, the most successful European coach agreed to a three-year contract with the Black and White.

The president of the Partizan Belgrade, Ostoja Mijailovic, hinted at the club’s efforts to hire Obradovic and appoint him as head coach for the first time in nearly 30 years.

“For people like him, Partizan is more than a sport, it is a relationship that is not based on material compensation,” he said. Mijailovic half serbian Kurir when asked how the club could sign Obradovic given his market value. “I’m in communication with him, we talk about everything. Let time show the results. “

Mijailovic He also mentioned that a return of Obradovic al Partizan will be a benefit for the Serbian basketball scene in general.

“Zeljko Obradovic is one of the biggest followers of Partizan I know, a basketball icon painted in black and white. The eventual return of Zeljko Obradovic to Partizan would be proof that Serbia is the center of European basketball.

The Partizan will play next season in the Eurocup after appearing this week on the list of 20 confirmed teams for this competition.

The agreement marks a clear return to Zeljko’s origins as a coach as it was at the Belgrade club that he took his first steps in his career on the bench, winning his first major European title in 1992.

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