They attack Chimy Ávila for wearing a Santi Abascal shirt

Chimy Avila He is an idol in Osasuna. His experience at El Sadar was outstanding until a serious injury ruined practically two seasons. Fans are waiting for him, although some radicals may have made the cross after seeing one of his recent posts.

The red striker uploaded an image to his networks in which he was wearing a somewhat peculiar shirt. In this appears the photo of Santiago Abascal, leader of the conservative party VOX and a phrase: “Fear is a reaction. Courage, a decision”. As usually happens in these cases and although most people do not position themselves, there are those who take it with the player on duty. To some it seems fine, others are convinced that Chimy does not even know the Basque politician and finally there are those who are not satisfied with the apologies and ask that the Argentine be sold for, supposedly, not sharing his political ideas.

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Be that as it may, the player ended up removing the image from his Instagram and apologizing to whoever could offend. Come on, what usually happens in these cases. Chimy affirms that “it was a gift with a phrase with which I identify a lot. I don’t know about politics, nor am I interested. My only passions are football and my family.”

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