Nadal: “I’m happy because at times I’ve played well”

Nadal greets Popyrin in Paris.

Quite satisfied with his victory against Alexey Popyrin in the first round of Roland Garros, Rafa Nadal he attended to the accredited communication media by telematic means.

Terms: “Of course, the conditions last year at the end were good for me because I won, but obviously they were not the best because playing cold there were options of injury. This year it has returned to the usual dates and I am happy about that ”.

Popyrin: “Alexei will have options to do great things if he wants, because he has difficult things in his game. He has everything to be a fantastic player, he just has to want to ”.

Set points: “Even if I had lost the third set, I would have remained in a good position to try to win the match, it is not even a match point, if you lose it you go home. If you meet a player who goes for everything, you have it complicated “

Number Three: “It’s part of the game, that’s how the ranking works. There is no sport fairer than tennis in that. There is a ranking that determines where they are for a year and it is the best way to avoid arguments, it is fair. I have no problem with being third, Djokovic being first and Medvedev second. I have to do my best if I want to advance. I have taken the first step ”.

Sensations: “I think I played a good game against one of those opponents that you don’t want to meet in the first round, because he has potential and is going to hit all the balls. In the first two sets I was good and in the third, I had a bad serve and he was serving very well at the time. I am happy because at times I have played well “

Gasket: “We have known each other since we were little, we played for the first time when we were 12 or 13 years old in Tarbes. It’s nice that we can face each other again and in a place like this. It is always difficult and I hope to be prepared ”.

Roland Garros 2021: “We are in a better situation than we were when we played here last year. With vaccines, the pandemic has improved. There is hope that things can return to normal. We are with some audience, on normal dates. The world looks in a very optimistic way than a few months ago when we were here ”.

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