This Twitter thread on analytics in sport has won the CRUE award

A Twitter thread that disseminates, based on computer technology, the determinants of the position of the players on the pitch has won the 1st contest #HiloTesis, convened by the Conference of Rectors of Universities of Spain (CRUE) and the Network for Scientific Dissemination and Culture (RedDivulga).

The author is the student Adrià
Arbues, PhD student in the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF), who has won along with two other students from the universities of Burgos and of The Gran Canarian palms, has informed the UPF.

The winner has been “happy and surprised” by the recognition while “satisfied for having known how to communicate in a concise and enjoyable way the world of advanced statistics applied to sport” since “dissemination is a vital part of the research ”.

The researcher describes his work as “a journey into the world of computer vision in the sports context” and summarizes the scientific task that he has carried out so far in three parts.

First of all, it studies the possibility of bringing player tracking systems (tracking) in the world of European basketball.

Second, the research focuses on studying the possibility of incorporating on a 2D tracking data on the body orientation of the players.

Finally, with computer vision and deep learning techniques, Arbues has been able to demonstrate the importance of body orientation for a good reception of football passes.

Even before starting your college career, Adrià
Arbues He has already stood out for his research capacity, with the creation of an application to assist coaches. It was a digital whiteboard designed for tablets, a sophisticated tool to help technicians in their tactical explanations during time-outs or in training. For this reason, this young man from Maresme received the CIRIT Recerca Jove award in 2011. Subsequently, he has also presented works to assist refereeing with video and analysis of offensive systems for coaches.

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