Jaume Comas summons 10 players for the 3×3 selection

The Spanish men’s 3×3 coach, Jaume
Commas, has summoned ten players to start preparing the Pre-European of Israel, which will be held on June 25 and 26, as reported by the FEB.

Those summoned are Álex Cry (Girona 3×3), Sergi Pine tree (CB Esparreguera and Girona 3×3), Nacho Martin (Sur Aspasia RVB and Girona 3×3 Clinic), Sergio from the source (Sur Aspasia RVB and Girona 3×3 Clinic), Carlos Martinez (Onil 3×3), Jose Blazquez (Onil 3×3), Nil Brià (CB Martorell and Next MVP Badalona 3×3), Sergio Mendiola (CB Almansa With Afanion and Valencia 3×3), José Santonja (Onil 3×3), Daniel of the Rúa (ZTE R. Canoe and Valencia 3×3).

The group will focus on Valencia and will work in the facilities of L’Alqueria from June 8 to 11 under the orders of the technician Jaume
Commas and a technical team made up of Vicente Sebastia (doctor) and Roberto Lazarus (physiotherapist) . The objective will be the set-up of the team for the qualifying tournament in which there will be fifteen teams divided into four groups that will play four of the available places.

The Spanish team has been framed in group A and will face Poland already Turkey. The best two of each group will have access to a quarter-final in which the winners will get the ticket for the European from Paris which will be played from September 10 to 12.

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