Marc Márquez despairs: he suffers his 19th crash this season and the pain in his shoulder goes from bad to worse

Marc Márquez hurts his shoulder

Marc Márquez hurts his shoulder
Marc Márquez hurts his shoulder

The usually laughing Marc Márquez He has not smiled for a long time, and at each Grand Prix he holds his breath. He already warned before reaching Misano: shoulder pain It does not allow you to enjoy riding, which together with a Honda that is not as close to hand as before, is turning your 2021 into a season to forget.

Marc Márquez, in the Repsol Honda team box

Marc Márquez and arm pain: “I’m competing, but I’m not enjoying it”

The morning of free practice San Marino GP ended up with an increasingly common image: Márquez entering the pits after suffering a fall. It was at Turn 14 of the Italian track, not very fast or very violent, but very exasperating. After trying unsuccessfully to start the motorcycle, he headed down to the pits, resigned to the obligation of having to go through the repechage of the Q1 for the sixth time this year.

This has been the 19th fall so far this season for the eighth world champion: it goes out to more than one per weekend contested.

Beyond the falls, the problem is that Márquez’s physical condition does not improve. In circuits where physicality is more important, in the case of this Misano track, his battered shoulder is more affected and as the season progresses he suffers more and more.

The sensations are getting worse, which has made him enter a loop with a difficult start: as his shoulder hurts, he finds it difficult to drive more and more, which leads him to fall more times and this affects the injury itself.

Minutes before the fall in these free, Márquez left a very eloquent image. After going off track several times, he had to slow down to release his left hand and throw it at the right shoulder. The pain begins to be unbearable.

Marc Márquez, on the podium for Aragon.

Marc Márquez: “There is a lot of uninformed boquerón talking”

Márquez does not want to go under the knife again. After a nightmare 2020 and a much longer and painful rehabilitation than I expected, he trusts that little by little he can regain the good feelings.

For the moment, his work plan consists of alternating periods of absolute rest after each race with intense muscular work just before each Grand Prix. There is little else it can do.

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