Goodbye to the pact? Three MLB teams would ask umpires to check pitchers for ‘sticky’ substances

MLB will initiate anti-substance use protocols ...

Lto MLB faces another controversy in the middle of the season. Major League Baseball spotted the use of sticky substances in pitchers to improve grip and before the imminent new protocol to avoid them Three teams could agree to have the umpires check the pitchers.

The use of substances that improve or change the ball trajectories has long been the MLB’s dirty secret, where the franchise owners are joined in a ‘pact’ to prevent their players from being screened, but according to information from ESPN this agreement could fall apart.

The report says that three owners would seek to make this more open and fair for all parties, so they would ask that when something strange is detected in the launchers, they could be asked to review them.

It is expected that in the following days the league send a memo to the teams asking them to stop promoting these practices, in addition to the steps to follow if a pitcher is discovered.

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