Booker hits first: Phoenix Suns lead Clippers to 1-0

The first bite of Finals from Conference of these playoffs did not leave anyone indifferent. Clippers Y Suns they faced in a duel with the equality by flag that ended up taking the Suns by 120 to 114. A From

Booker spectacular led the first shot of the Arizona team in a tie that is expected to be fast-paced.

The first room was that of the approach, to test the rival. Neither team was comfortable on the pitch and the scoreboard reflected it: 21-21 and much yet to be demonstrated. Booker and Paul George quickly presented themselves as the referents of their respective teams.

The one with the Suns would end the night with a barbaric statistic: 40 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists to be crowned as the absolute star of this first match of the tie.

Little by little they were loosening and intoning. The Suns, practicing their happy and fun basketball, the one of the whole year. Without Chris Paul, the game was more chaotic but still effective. Opposite, some Clippers who missed Kawhi leonard but they found other players ready to step forward.

Just three points separated both teams as they passed through the changing rooms. Booker he remained intractable, scoring baskets of all shapes and colors. Ty lue He was unable to place a defender capable of stopping the Suns star and the Clippers accused a few minutes of bleeding.

However, the appearance of Reggie jackson to escort George allowed the Angelenos to even the game before the last round. With all the meat on the spit, the young stars did not hide. In the Suns they found in DeAndre Ayton a constant, life insurance on the painting.

The Phoenix post has had some spectacular playoffs so far and last night he was again a player with very few errors and a discreet but vital impact. Without Paul, the minutes of Mikal bridges were also of utmost importance, as was the contribution of a Cameron payne renovated.

However, the Clippers began to slacken in the final minutes. Defense of Crowder in view of PG left the Angelenos with no alternative solution. Only Jackson seemed to be able to score points, with a Terrance mann unknown who, despite everything, gave some life to his family with a triple in the last moments.

The Suns ended up sealing their triumph, the first of these WCF with a magnificent performance before his audience. The next one will be on the same stage, against the same rival, and it will be necessary to see if with the same key casualties.

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