Fernando Alonso explodes against the FIA ​​for allowing illegalities and threatens to break the rules himself

Fernando Alonso, at the Austrian GP

Fernando Alonso, at the Austrian GP
Fernando Alonso, at the Austrian GP
XPB / James Moy Photography Ltd.

Fernando Alonso has finished the Austrian Grand Prix with significant anger, and not precisely because of Saturday. Or not just for that, at least.

Max Verstappen, at the Austrian GP

Verstappen completes a memorable double in Austria before 132,000 fans, with Sainz 5th and Alonso 10th

The Asturian’s race was complicated at the beginning, in the same start, because according to him his rivals did not comply with the rules. After entering 10th at the finish, the Spaniard was ironic when analyzing what happened.

“We had to fight a lot. He knows well to be able to score a point and continue the streak. Every Sunday we are scoring points, more or less, but with good regularity in the race or in the ‘top 10’ of Q3. Happy about that, but frustrated or surprised from the first turn“, he began to explain.

Specifically, it refers to the attitude of two drivers on the first corner of the circuit, a critical point because there are often incidents. “I went ahead of Ricciardo already Leclerc at the start, they pass the first corner outside and finish 7th and 8th. It is very good to go off the track, because you save a lot of traffic in the first part of the race. Instead of going in the group of 14 or 15, you go in the group of 10. Interesting, let’s leave it there. In the following races I know where you can go and where not. So we learn things, “the Alpine driver quipped.

Alonso’s complaints go directly to the attitude of Michael Masi. The race director is at the center of controversy, both from the drivers, the team leaders and the fans for the inconsistent decisions he makes.

In this same race, he already received complaints from Lando norris, who was sanctioned with 5 seconds for throwing off the track ‘Czech’ Pérez. As the British explained, “he thought that the first lap was racing action”, since he had understood it that way, and explained that this punishment it cost him second place. After the previous race, Masi also warned Verstappen for his way of celebrating and warned him of sanction.

In order for the general public to understand his complaints, Alonso exemplified it with football. “The level is set by him, what can be done and what not. It’s like a referee. If a defender takes the ball in the area with his hand, takes it out and starts playing in the middle of the field and that’s okay, in the next game we will all do it, “threatened Alonso for the next race.

“If a defender takes the ball in the area with his hand, takes it out and starts to play in the middle of the field and okay, in the next game we will all do it”

This type of complaint will be dealt with internally with the FIA, since in each Grand Prix they hold several meetings of pilots with Masi, in which the basic rules of action are established. For the appointment of British GPAll the more reason, since the new sprint classification format will be released.

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