The 10 unforgettable moments of sport on the 4th of July: Lou Gehrig, Navratilova, McEnroe, the 1994 World Cup …

Unforgettable sports moments on July 4.

ANDhe month of July is usually an uncrowded period of the sports calendar, but that has not prevented memorable moments on 4 of July, the Independence Day of the United States.

Memorable games and events in baseball, tennis, boxing and other disciplines that we remember this 4th of July weekend.

In Reno, Nevada, the African American Jack johnson won a fight full of racial tension against James jeffries, a white former champion who had six years of retirement, but who returned, in his words: “I am going to fight with the sole purpose of showing that a white man is better than a black man.”

Jeffries had to swallow his words, falling twice in the fight, the first time in his career that he went to the canvas, before the fight was called off before the 15th round.

Joe Louis he made his debut as a professional boxer on July 4, 1934, against Jack Kracken and knocked him out in the first round.

Lou gehrig had his ‘Appreciation Day’ at Yankee Stadium to become the first player with his retired number in Major League Baseball history. Gehrig, who already showed affectations by the THE A, gave one of the most famous speeches in sports history in what would be his last public appearance:

“For the past two weeks, you have read about a stroke of bad luck, but today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I have been in ballparks for 17 years and have only received kindness and support from of the fans …

No one would have believed that Boston, which came on a nine-game losing streak, was going to be history on July 4, 1977, but they did it against Toronto at Fenway Park, hitting eight home runs in the 9-6 victory, imposing a new one. brand of flies fences in the majors.

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