Federer’s doubts: “My future is a bit uncertain”

Roger Federer reacts during his match against Hubert Hurkacz in the 2021 Wimbledon quarterfinals.

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer has assured that his future is “a bit uncertain”, since he does not know when he will be ready to return to the courts. after re-injuring his right knee, and has stated that now he has to have “more patience” with the pain and take things “with a sense of humor.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything because of my knee. After Wimbledon, I had to let everything work out first. This week I will meet with my doctors and my team and then we will see what happens. then. At the moment, everything is still a bit uncertain, “he told the Swiss daily Blick in an interview.

The current world number nine has not played since Wimbledon due to problems in his right knee, which forced him to undergo surgery twice. Now, he’s on the entry list for the US OpenBut he has only played 13 games since returning from another injury in March.

In this sense, he acknowledged that the situation is “tough”, but “different” from how he lived years ago. Before the questions were simple: What is my classification? What is my next tournament? Today it is more complicated: how will I feel when I exercise again? What can I achieve? What are my goals? do I combine that with the family? What does the rest of the team say? The attitude is completely different from ten years ago, “he revealed.

In addition, the twenty-time ‘Grand Slam’ winner acknowledged that he now needs “more time for everything,” including to recover. “If I had a blocked back before, two days and everything was fine again. Today may be two weeks. You have to be more patient with the pain, with yourself, with the return to the slopes. At the same time, you remember with joy what you have achieved. You used to take tournament victories for granted, today you know everything behind them, “he confessed.

“It’s like boxing. You have a lot less fighting. So the focus on a single tournament is much higher. I had to learn that again,” he added. “You have to adapt. It’s always been like that in my career. The factors change: the degree of consciousness, the successes, the experiences … I am a calm boy who takes things with a sense of humor. I always see the good in every situation. I’m doing very well, my family is healthy. I just turned forty and am still active. Who would have thought? I do not. I am totally at peace with myself and I am sure that many more beautiful things will come, “he said.

Indeed, Federer spoke about how he feels after turning 40. “Suddenly you are 40 years old and you think: Hey, amazing! I feel very far from my 20 years, so I was just a kid. Now, at 40, I feel like I have to be more serious. You used to look at 40-year-olds and they were super old. Now all of a sudden I’m one of them too, “he joked.

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