Carlos Sainz: “Reaching 40 like Alonso? I work to extend my sports career as long as possible”

Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz, during a 'drivers parade'

Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz, during a 'drivers parade'
Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz, during a ‘drivers parade’
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Carlos Sainz and one of its main sponsors, Star Galicia (who has accompanied him since he arrived at GP3 ​​in 2013), they share a career that, if their objectives are met, may still be almost halfway through its stage.

Fernando Alonso, during the Italian GP of Formula 1

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And it is that the Madrid, who went through the capital for a “reunion” with the press (especially the one who does not travel to the Grand Prix because of those anti-Covid bubbles that have him “a little tired already”) admitted that he looks favorably on it. from extend your sporting stage until beyond 40How has your good friend done Fernando Alonso or his own father, who will turn 60 in 2022.

“My working method is to try to extend my sporting career and prepare to spend as long as possible. For me, athletes who seek to extend their sports careers are a commitment to their sport. If I will be 38 or 40, I don’t know, right now I would tell you that I do feel like it. I am working for it, for health reasons. it’s something everyone should do on a smaller scale, “recalled the Ferrari driver.

The Scuderia has been a very important change in his life, and there he has found a totally new philosophy of work. In the process of restructuring (Mattia binotto has a lot to do with it), he has known what it is like to be a Ferrari driver outside of F1, which is just as or more important. For example, a few days ago you could ride your parents and sisters in a triplet and give them a few laps at Fiorano, the test track that is attached to the headquarters of the most legendary team in motorsports.

“It is something that I will never forget. And the GP in Monza, with the tifosi, who almost overturned my caravan with the illusion of having a Ferrari driver close by. Or be at my office in Maranello and get called to try a classic Ferrari at Fiorano. These are things that do not happen in other teams. I’m starting to enjoy the experience of being a Ferrari driver, ”he admitted.

Although that adaptation is being calmed. “I am not yet the McLaren driver, he was throwing himself away,” confesses a Sainz who sees himself sinning “a bit conservative.” He lacks ‘feeling’ with the car, although little by little he is achieving it. “If you see that I’m going fast and comfortable, but there are still mistakes due to lack of knowledge of the car. I keep paying for it. You have to spend years with the team to get all the performance out of it, we already saw it at McLaren. I am adapting more and more each time. , but there are times when I think ‘how I would like to have known this or that’ “, he laments … although he is clear about the focus: 2022.

“I am not yet the McLaren driver he was throwing himself away”

The big regulatory change that Formula 1 is going to undergo is on everyone’s mind, including himself who works “90%” on next year’s car in his simulator sessions.

Regret to leave McLaren

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Although McLaren has achieved a victory right after he leaves, Sainz has no regrets. And, in fact, he was somewhat annoyed about the question. “I knew he was going to get there.” Now that he has won, they ask me. Last year I was very close to winning at Monza … This year at Silverstone or in Hungary no one asked me. If I miss McLaren? No. I am enjoying F1, I trust Ferrari a lot in the long-term project and we are working very hard to win it, “he concluded, forcefully.

Before facing the future, he has a 2021 with a great challenge: 3rd in the Constructors’ World Championship, a position that is precisely disputed with McLaren. “The nice goal is to finish 3rd, a nice fight with a historic team like McLaren and they are two structures in restructuring that seek to get closer to Mercedes or Red Bull. We know it is difficult, but if we manage to be 3rd it would be very good to get stronger next year“, he pointed out.

Being “a Barrichello” at Ferrari

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Although his time with Ferrari has just started, he is aware that his long-term challenge is to be world champion. For this reason, to review the years of glory that are intuited in the documentary of Michael Schumacher that Netflix has just released makes him think that it is possible … and that he does not want to be a second course, as they were Rubens Barrichello or Felipe Massa.

“(The documentary) falls short for me, because it is such a special story and has so many anecdotes, I would have liked them to have made 10 chapters and that they had told me in more detail a story that I lived as a child. But I was stuck for two hours to the documentary Be happy as a Barrichello? No, I am happy winning. I crush myself in Maranello to be champion with Ferrari someday. It will happen? I don’t know, “he concluded.

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