Braves vs Brewers live MLB Playoffs 2021: Result of the Major League Division Series game

Postseason Major League Baseball 2021 live: live the matches of the ...

ANDl Monday of Columbus Day brings the last day of the year when there will be more than two major league baseball games. The Major League Playoff Divisional Series is still in dispute and none of the four has ended, with the White Sox surviving elimination against Astros yesterday, so there is game poker and we will be commenting on them live all day in BRAND Claro.

In the early hours, Game 3 in the National League between the Braves and the Brewers. Atlanta tied the series at Milwaukee Going 3-0 in Game 2 and now the series moves to Georgia to break 1-1.

The second turn will be a new elimination count for the White Sox. Chicago hosts the Astros looking to return the series to Texas after winning Sunday night.

After, Fenway Park will see Game 4 between the Red Sox and the Rays, with the best American team risking their lives against Boston.

To close the day, the Californian duel between Giants and Dodgers go to Los Angeles after Julio UrĂ­as won the second in the series to even things out.

Great games all and we will be commenting on them live on BRAND Claro.

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