Antetokounmpo: “We have to do it again”

At the foot of the track, with the audience yelled “MVP, MVP!”, Giannis Antetokounmpo shared his first thoughts
public after proclaiming himself champion of the NBA. The Greek player let out several screams at the top of his lungs and was practically speechless to describe his feelings between screams and curses.

“It means a lot. I want to thank the city of Milwaukee for hosting me, my teammates for fighting so hard every day “, valued the also MVP of the NBA Finals 2021. “I wanted to achieve this here and with them, so I’m glad I did.”


Anteto has played eight years alongside Khris Middleton, and for him it was also a beautiful gesture. “We did it, Khris, right?”he asked his faithful squire before melting into a nice hug. “He has pushed me every day to be great, he and all. Our relationship is special, they are eight years together. As I have already told my colleagues, we have to do it again ”.

The stands shouted with joy at the declaration of intentions and eternal love of their star, who then let out another huge scream when the journalist reminded him that he and two of his brothers, Kostas and Thanassis, are NBA champions.

The center revealed the inside jokes in the family, since Kostas won the first Antetokounmpo title last year as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, a few words that the league came to censor for a couple of swear words in editing the video.

Now, three of the five brothers can proudly wear their champions ring.

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