Booker, from the defeat to Tokyo: “In two hours I have to get on a plane”

Devin Booker will have practically no time to heal his wounds after the painful loss in the sixth game of the NBA Finals 2021 that confirmed the achievement of the ring by the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Phoenix Suns star, after a game that ended with 19 points and 5 assists but a poor 8 of 22 shooting from the field (0 out of 7 in triples), shall share charter flight to Japan now with his executioners in the tie Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday to concentrate with the United States national team and arrive on time for the start of the Tokyo Olympics.

“In two hours I have to get on a plane, I think straight to Tokyo”Booker reminded a clueless reporter who asked if it would take a long time to get back to training. “I’ll be on track soon.”

The 24-year-old talent, one of the players sponsored by Kobe Bryant, He valued his recently completed debut on the highest stage of the American league with a certain coldness and high-mindedness:

“We are a group with feeling, we fight hard, we train hard, and we have a good time and trust each other. We love each other and we tell each other all the time. We had a common goal of bringing the championship to Phoenix, and it’s hard to fall short. “.

Asked about the learning in these new experiences for him and many team members, including a playoffs that the Suns had not seen in a decade, Booker was left with the positive:

“It is difficult to point out something concrete. I think we’ve learned a lot just by being inside. It was our first time in the playoffs, I’m not even telling you the Finals. HIt has been a great experience, and I think it lays the foundation for our team. We have a lot to work on, and we understand it. We are going to use the pain this summer to continue to improve ”.

After showering and saying goodbye with their colleagues, who are leaving for a well-deserved vacation, Book must share the more than 15 hours that roughly separate Milwaukee from Tokyo by flight.

At his side will be NBA champions Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton, already his teammates under the umbrella of Gregg Popovich’s Team USA.

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