The incredible gesture of Monty Williams and the Suns: they congratulate the rival in their dressing room

Monty williams, coach of the Phoenix Suns, wanted to personally congratulate Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks on behalf of his team following the winning of the NBA ring by the Wisconsin franchise.

The Arizona team coach approached the local team locker room in the middle of the celebrations for the title and had some affectionate words for his rival that the cameras of the ESPN:

“I wanted to come here as a coach and as a person to congratulate you all. You are very good, and I am grateful for the experience. You have made me a better coach and you have made us a better team, so congratulations ”.

The Suns fell 4-2 in the title tie after losing Game 6 105-98 at their opponent’s home.

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