75-81: Unicaja continues with playoff options

The Unicaja is still alive in the fight for the playoff after sweating ink to win at the bottom, a Acunsa Gipukoa Basket who stood up to him throughout the game and had as best news the return of the Colombian pivot James
Echenique after the serious knee injury he suffered in January (75-81).

The local team did not play anything, since by winning RETAbet
Basket this day will finish in the last position in any case, so a placid commitment was expected for Unicaja, who was exhausting his options to fight for the qualifying rounds for the title.

The Guipuzcoans did not throw in the towel in the first quarter, they had a successful Dee at the launch while the malagueños pulled Dario Brizuela to finish tied, with both teams competing in mistakes (12-12, min 10).

Jaime Fernández and Adam Waczynski They pushed Unicaja in a second act that, surprisingly, remained even despite the shortage of the Basques and the fact that six of their players finished with a negative evaluation at halftime, which was reached with a poor 24-29.

The Andalusian quintet would stretch the scoreboard in their favor in the third period but did not break the game and again Marcelo Nicola’s men were backtracking, with Pere Thomas Y Boutelle very active in a period that gave new life to the meeting when Okouo tied it (43-43) and Echenique He put his own ahead. A Jaime Fernández basket on the horn gave Fotis’ team a slight advantage Katsikaris facing the last ten minutes (48-49, min 30).

The game was doomed to an even end, but in the last quarter, after engaging in an exchange of triples that kept the uncertainty, Jaime Fernandez Y Brizuela They opened a last gap (65-72) that would already be a slab for the courageous Gipuzkoa Basket.

[+] See the summary with the best plays of the game:

Summary of Acunsa GBC - Unicaja (75 - 81)

Data sheet

75.- Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket (12 + 13 + 23 + 27): Faggiano (7), Tomás (7), Dee (19), Radoncic (11), Okouo (19) – starting five- Magarity, Carlson (2) , Olaizola, Span (5), Motos, Echenique (5).

81.- Unicaja (12 + 17 + 20 + 32): Alberto Díaz, Jaime Fernández (19), Brizuela (13), Waczynski (11), Guerrero (8) – starting five- Thompson (9), Abromaitis (9) , Boutelle (6), Pablo Alonso (2), Thomas (4), Mekel, Pablo Sánchez.

Referees: Calatrava, Zamorano and Baena. Without eliminated

Incidents: last game of the season at the Donostia San Sebastián Arena 2016. No audience

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