Mumbrú: “It would be easy to let go but this team fights”

Mumbrú, coach of the RETAbet Bilbao Basket, stressed that, despite the fact that “it would be very easy to let go” in the delicate situation in which they found themselves before winning on Saturday at Fuenlabrada and today at Saint Paul Burgos, his team “fights every day” for a permanence that they continue to have in their hands.

“We have been not only professionals for a long time, but also working hard. We have two more victories and we are back in the fight. If we had lost today surely everything would be a little more difficult “, said the coach of the ‘men in black’ at the press conference after the match.

Mumbrú He added that they would have “loved to be able to live” this game with their fans in the stands because they would have given them “a shot of energy that would not matter to the covid -which forced them to be confined for ten days- or how we were physically.”

“But they are not there and they deserve this level of struggle and energy. There are many people waiting for us and today we have been at that level at one hundred percent. Thursday against him Real Madrid We will give everything, there is no other. We would not have tomorrow if there were not today and we have today ”, he congratulated himself.

About the match, Mumbrú He stressed that they followed the plan of “trying a rhythm game and being aggressive” against a rival who had not competed for ten days, which together with the “important success” and good defense in the third quarter allowed them to achieve an income of 20 points.

“In the last quarter it was normal that Burgos go back to the scoreboard, Benite It has been incredible and that has adjusted the end. With the nerves and the need we lost some silly ball, but with three minutes left we have returned to normality and we were able to control the game to take the victory, “he explained.

“The whole team is making a huge effort because it is not easy to play so many games in a row. Let’s see if we recover physically well because tomorrow morning we have a trip, we train and on Thursday another game, “he recalled Mumbrú.

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