Valentino Rossi will have his own team in MotoGP in the 2022 season

Valentino rossi

Valentino rossi
Valentino rossi

The team of Valentino rossi will be present at the championship of MotoGP of 2022 after having reached a sponsorship agreement with Tanal Entertainment Sport & Media, a company owned by Prince Abdulaziz Bin Abullah Al Saud of the Saudi royal family, which will support the team until 2026.

Valentino Rossi, during the presentation with his new team.

Valentino Rossi: the last dance of ‘The Doctor’ or another year of fun?

The main sponsor of the team will be Aramco and the team will be called Aramco Racing Team VR46 and it will be the extension to MotoGP of the Valentino Rossi team, which already has representation in Moto2, but that he had retired from Moto3 to go up to MotoGP next season with Luca marini as a pilot.

Valentino Rossi’s mother’s brother is currently racing in MotoGP with the team Sponsorama Avintia. What is not yet defined is if the VR46 will absorb this team or if Marini will keep Ducati as a mount. The names of the final drivers have not been given either.

Valentino Rossi could be facing his last season as a pilot, although before the first GP of this year he declared in La Reppublica that “If I finish in the top five, I have a good time and get a podium, maybe I’ll go ahead. Otherwise I will leave it “. The presence of his own team in MotoGP for 2022 could open a door to the continuity of the ‘Doctor’.

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