Unstoppable Red Sox: Break record for most hits in consecutive postseason games

JD Martínez is a fundamental part of the Red Sox this season

Lyou Boston Red Sox are still on fire this year as they just broke another all-time record, in Game 3 of the Championship Series against a nearly defeated Astros.

Those of Boston now have 10 or more hits in six straight games, numbers that put them on the longest postseason streak in history. in the Big Top, thanks to JD Martínez’s home run that drove in Debeá in the sixth roll.

Not only that, but Boston has 19 home runs so far this playoffs to one of the franchise mark recorded during the 2003 season.

Boston fully entered the Championship Series after get into the wild card spot by defeating staunch rival, the New York Yankees to get the win over the Rays They looked like favorites because they were the best team in the American League and now they must do the same with the Astros.

While Houston won the first game of the series against Boston, the Red Sox had a great closure in Game 2 and if all goes as expected, they will also take the victory in Game 3 after overcoming an 11-3 scoreline through the eighth inning.

Precisely, the Red Sox beat the records of the Astros in 2004, like the Angels in 2002 already 1989 Cubs who had a record of five consecutive duels.

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