Red Sox punish Jose Urquidy with six runs

The Mexican, José Urquidy suffers against the Red Sox

ANDAstros pitcher José Urquidy had a nightmare start in Game 3 of the Championship Series, by receiving six races from the Red Sox in the second inning.

The Mexican had started his work in the first inning when retiring Red Sox batters in order, but the terror came on the second low, when the sluggers used all their power to put the advantage in their favor.

Urquidy started by walking Alex Verdugo, then JD Martinez singled to have men on third and first. The situation got complicated when Renfroe had another passport, which would leave a full house for Urquidy.

On the turn before Kiké Hernández, he did not forgive him and with a single managed to boost Verdugo for the first race.

José Altuve would further complicate the departure of the Mexican, and that Arroyo would connect a hit to his position, but by not measuring the ball’s bounce well, the Venezuelan did not control and awarded a second run for Boston.

The punishment would be extended with the Schwarber’s Grand Slam to put four more runs to 0-6. He would still receive a single from Kiké Hernández for his manager to decide to take it out before more damage.

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