Two falls by Marc Márquez doom his chaotic French GP: the first on his right shoulder

Marc Márquez crash at the French GP

Marc Márquez crash at the French GP
Marc Márquez crash at the French GP

Luck is not smiling at Marc Márquez in this French GP. The Repsol rider was leading the race at Le Mans after a chaotic flag-to-flag race, in which because of the rain the riders were able to enter to change their motorcycle. We remember that the race direction ruled that this would be dry.

After the pit dance, Márquez was placed as leader running at a hellish pace that no pilot could keep up. Practically at the worst moment, when he was distancing himself by more than a second per lap with respect to Quartararo, second, the Spaniard was on the ground at the slippery Turn 12 on lap 9 … and on his right shoulder.

Without apparent pain, Márquez returned to the race but with a difficult comeback ahead of him, whatever it was he was willing to achieve. However, the rain and the asphalt were playing tricks on him again, condemning his career when he was the fastest on the track.

In this case, on lap 18, it was Turn 6 the one that sent Márquez to the ground. However, this time he was unable to return to the track as his Honda was totally destroyed.

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