This was the emotional speech of Vanessa Bryant in his tribute to Kobe

In a night full of memories and emotion, the most outstanding note was put Vanessa bryant, the woman of Kobe. Vanessa took the stage next to Michael
Jordan to give the traditional speech that all the honorees offer when they are about to enter the Living room
Fame. In the absence of the protagonist, his wife took the podium.

Vanessa maintained his fortitude during a fabulous speech, full of memories of the Kobe player but also from the person he knew better than anyone. He remembered all the moments when Bryant He demonstrated his character and personality and filled the ceremony with emotion.

The basketball world surrendered to a fantastic speech, leading the audience present to chant the name of Kobe
Bryant for almost a minute. Since last night, the legend of the Lakers It is already part of the most select history of basketball.

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