Tsitsipas: “Alcaraz can be a rival for the Grand Slams”

Tsitsipas: "Alcaraz can be a rival for the Grand Slams"

Cariacontecido after conceding a hard defeat against an 18-year-old boy such as Carlos Alcaraz, Stefanos Tsitsipas spoke about the Murcian at the post-match press conference, and did not hesitate to praise him without reservation or excuse. “The speed of the ball was incredible. I’ve never seen someone hit the ball so hard.”, started the Greek.

“He played the fifth full, like the first, basically sloppy, going for every shot. I’ve never seen someone play such a good fifth set, honestly.”he added. Before recognizing how well Carlos had managed to handle pressure. “That is something that will take him to the top and that will make him the player that he is.”

Tsitsipas stressed that Alcaraz “did not give up.” “I said he can be a match for Grand Slam titles. He has the game to be there.” What surprised you the most about the tennis of the tennis player from El Palmar? “Its consistency. It lay quite deep, applying pressure to my remains as well. I don’t know how much harder I need to hit the ball on my remains to apply that pressure, “said Stefanos.

“In the fifth set it seemed like another player”

The Hellene continued to praise the Spaniard. “He dealt with the whole situation very well, comfortably, hitting winners after the first rest of mine, with so much control … Which was surprising, especially in the fifth set. I didn’t expect him to raise his level that much after losing the fourth set like this. He was a completely different player. I don’t know if the physio helped him or something, but he looked like another player. “

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