Triple tie

Without having to play the game of his life, with the public against each other again and the face of few friends until he fell to the ground to celebrate the victory, Novak Djokovic triumphed again at Wimbledon, for the sixth time, the third consecutive. He won in four sets (6-7 (4), 6-4, 6-4 and 6-3 in 3:24) to a meritorious Matteo Berrettini, who could not give Italy a joy before the final of the Eurocup between England and the Azurra. The Serbian is already at the height of his eternal rivals, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer, in Grand Slam titles. The triple tie at 20 at the top of world tennis is a fact and an outrage: 60 Big Three trophies since the Swiss won precisely on the grass of the All England Club center in 2003.

The Djokovic thing is simply impressive and enhances not only his deed, but also the one that the three legends have starred in as a group. “They are the reason I’m here,” he acknowledged. The Belgrade titan is on his way to a historic Golden Slam after winning this year’s Australia, Roland Garros and now Wimbledon. He is the fifth player of all time to prevail in the first three majors in the same course, along with Crawford, Budge, Hoad and Laver. He still has to repeat his success at the Games and the US Open, although yesterday he said that it is not safe for him to travel to Tokyo: “I have to think about it, there is a 50% chance that I will go.” He is fourth on the British tournament champions list behind Federer (8), Renshaw (7) and Sampras (7).

Berrettini was by no means a stone guest at Djokovic’s party. The Italian, who played impaired, with a bandage on his left leg, tried tirelessly. “I wish I could have done a little more,” he lamented. But he had enormous credit for winning the first set when he was 5-2 against and came back thanks to an impressive 5-1 run to win the tiebreaker. From there the Balkan grew up and the Italian faded, who still had his options. He forgave them and Nole made him pay for it. He challenged the public, demanded support and came up against the inevitable victory. Something similar to what happened when he beat Federer on the same stage two seasons ago.

Endless story

Thus Djokovic wrote a brilliant new chapter in an epic tale that seems to have no end and that puts him in a position to be the best in history, because he has the physique and time to achieve it., and Rafa and Roger do not have enough of either of the two things. Although, to the enjoyment and appreciation of all fans, the fight will continue, at least for now. The safest thing is that they will meet again in New York in a few days, in an almost always unpredictable tournament in which anyone can win. Not to be missed.

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