Anteto catches up with Shaq: “I try to be aggressive every play”

Giannis Antetokounmpo is being the main protagonists of the NBA Finals 2021His team is still losing 2-1 on aggregate in the tie despite their resounding 120-100 victory last night in Game 3 between the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks.

First because of his creepy injury that kept him on the tightrope until the last minutes of the opening game preview. Then for his incredible recovery of the hyperextension of the knee and his magnificent second game, which he repeated last night in the third round.

The public in Wisconsin was able to see a recital that had only been seen on another occasion on the big stage of the NBA season. Shaquille O’Neal and the Greek they are the only two players who have starred two games of more than 40 points and more than 10 rebounds in a row in the eliminatory for the title.

“We come here to play good basketball, to compete as hard as we can”, Anteto valued the ESPN microphones as soon as he finished his recital of 41 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists at the match. “I try to be aggressive, make the right play and take possession for possession.”

With his great game, the two-time MVP also rose to the height of LeBron James, which in the 2018 Finals chained two games above 40 points.

Asked about his improvement in free throws, the Greek remarked that he focuses on himself despite being heard in the background, even at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, some “1,2,3 … 10” who have become famous in these playoffs to ridicule the star shooting technique:

“I focus on myself. When you put in some obviously you gain confidence and they enter easier. My teammates help me, they want me to continue being aggressive and to go to the free throw line, because they trust that I will put it in, and I try ”.

“When we are at the best choral level, Giannis is at his best as well. It is fed back “, Mike Budenholzer valued on the reaction of his team and the great game of his star. “The group is improving and learning, but now we cannot relax”.

“We can explain it in many ways, but they have played more aggressively for longer than we have.”, summarized Monty williams, Suns coach, reviewing the game. “We knew it would be like that, but our response has not been good. Today we have not been able to maintain a good rhythm in attack ”.

Devin Booker, who had a disastrous night (10 points and 3 of 14 in field goals), was more annoyed by the defeat of the group than by their poor performance: “These are things that happen, the important thing is to win and we have not achieved it, so that frustrates me more. We have to regroup and focus again, analyze the game and respond ”.

The Bucks want to even the tie to earn more cartridges at home, as a defeat in the fourth would force them to win three consecutive games to lift the title.

“To keep winning, you have to keep up with our good habits. It is above all a mental question “, Antetokounmpo predicted. The games between Phoenix and Milwaukee this season maintain a very even balance: the Suns have scored 589 points and the Bucks 584.

There is a tie and there is emotion.

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