Trevor Bauer breaks silence on sexual assault allegations

Bauer breaks the silence on the accusations that have him out of ...

LBequeathed as the great signing of the Los Angeles Dodgers champions to seek to endorse the championship in 2021 and There has been more talk about the Trevir Bauer scandals off the diamond than about his pitching.

The Californian has been away from diamonds for several weeks after being accused of sexual assault and He had remained on the sidelines, however, this Saturday he broke the silence through your Twitter account.

“While I have allowed my representatives to speak on my behalf for the past six weeks, I can no longer remain silent “, the launcher wrote.

In addition, the Washington Post newspaper revealed a new accusation and Bauer was blunt: “I will speak very frankly about the current request when appropriate, but I need to address the allegations made today in The Washington Post. “

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