Tremendous fight between Embiid and Collins at the Hawks-Sixers

The tension of the sixth game of the tie between the Atlanta Hawks and the Philadelphia 76ers ended up broken by the fight between Joel Embiid and John Collins with four minutes remaining. The Cameroonian pivot gave him an involuntary nudge in an attack play on his defender, who it bounced when the opponent fell squarely on top of him.

Collins let go of the hand and Embiid freaked out, pulling the Hawks player from under the basket to the back of the rim while Trae Young and the referees were trying to mediate to put peace.

The chicken that was mounted in Atlanta was worthy of the dates of the season, and more in a life or death match for some Sixers who knew how to respond with a 99-104 win that forces Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

The referees spent a long time reviewing the action of the controversy and ended up deciding on a Solomonic decision: double technical foul and, although involuntary, foul in attack by Embiid.

On an earlier play in the third quarter, Collins brought out the colors under the basket from Embiid with a tremendous poster matte who starred in the best plays of the night.

After the incident, there were no more tense or controversial actions until the resolution of the tight meeting, starring once again by Trae Young’s great game.

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