Toni Bou goes over David Broncano with the bike: “I’m not liking him, eh?”

David Broncano and Toni Bou, in La Resistencia

David Broncano and Toni Bou, in La Resistencia
David Broncano and Toni Bou, in La Resistencia
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Toni Bou He is one of the greatest legends of trial in his own right. 29 times world champion (fifteen outdoors and fourteen indoors), at 34 he maintains absolute control when he gets on the handlebars of his motorcycle, something he found in his meats David broncano.

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The pilot visited The resistance a few days after earning his twenty-ninth degree. After going through the interview, where he recounted moments such as the celebration in Portugal “that got out of hand” and ended up with a wound on his arm, made him have a curious time to the presenter from Jaén.

Bou took his motorcycle, the one he uses to compete, and took it onto the stage of the Príncipe Gran Vía theater, the program’s new home since this season, and asked Broncano to lie down with his arms outstretched. “What do I do, Toni? Or rather: what are you going to do?”the humorist asked nervously. Bou, with absolute tranquility, jumped over him twice, while from the audience a shout of fright was heard.

The only thing a remarkably tense Broncano could say was, “I’m not liking him, eh, Toni?”

During the interview, Bou admitted that at some time he got into areas where he should not be with the field motorcycle and was persecuted by the Seprona and the forest guards. Something that the pilot took advantage of to ask for legal sites with which to do motocross.

“You have to try to respect the mountain …”, Bou began to ask, to which Broncano interrupted him with a laugh: “No, man, try not …”. “You have to make areas to be able to practice our sport and enjoy the mountain all together “, claimed the pilot.

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