This was Middleton’s exhibition to give the victory to the Bucks

Middleton He showed his talent again last night. He did it when the ball burned the most and when his team needed it the most. Middleton is a gamer All-star for something and his display against the Suns in the Game 4 of these Finals will be remembered for a long time.

The Bucks forward went up to the 40 points and 6 rebounds in his 43 minutes on the track. Did scoring 15 of the 33 shots he attempted and keeping afloat a Milwaukee team that at times seemed to be sinking.


Booker, who did the possible and impossible for the triumph to travel to Arizona, he found that Middleton’s party ended up overshadowing his. Booker was sensational but his performance was outweighed by the Bucks’ win.

To Middleton He was being asked to step forward and he gave it when Budenholzer’s needed it most. In Game 4, Phoenix put up a defense over Antetokounmpo that greatly limited the Greek. It was there when Middleton took the reins of the team and managed the victory of the Bucks, who tied the series.

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