Ogunbowale and Quigley shine on the night of the WNBA stars

Festive night at the WNBA. The traditional All star of the best league in the world left us several unique stories. To begin with, because the party of the starss faced a combination of cracks from the WNBA against Team USA who will compete in Tokyo in a few weeks.

The WNBA team took victory 93-86 with a display of Arike ogunbowale, which went until the 26 points. It was a disputed match, with tough defenses from the first minute. Both sides took the opportunity to offer a great show and also that the evening was useful to the Olympic team.

The marker was adjusted up to the last minutes but several defensive actions of the league team tipped the balance in their favor, avoiding the comeback of Team USA. Americans are confident of earning their seventh consecutive Olympic gold in Tokyo and extend his streak of 49 wins in a row.

The meeting was not the only vibrant thing of the night. Allie Quigley won the 3-point contest for the third time in her career and he did it in a spectacular final against Jonquel jones, a large player almost two meters tall.

Quicley scored 9 of his last 10 pitches, including all five of his special car. With victory, revalidated the title achieved in 2017 and 2018, proving that there is no better sniper than her in the world. As soon as he finished, he received the hug and affection of his partner from the Sky, Courtney Vandersloot, who is also his wife.

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