This is the playoff table and the play-in tournament in the NBA

That’s it, it’s over. The NBA regular season yesterday put the finishing touch to a year
co, a campaign of 72 games instead of the usual 82 and he did it as only the best basketball league in the world knows: loaded with emotion

This year, with the introduced play-in tournament format Before the season, twelve teams have already made their ticket to the playoffs. However, until eight franchises will fight this week for the four remaining slots.

After five months of competition and endless stories, this is how the playoff draw and NBA play-in tournament. The first six of each conference are already classified while the other four will fight for the two remaining places to fill.


1- Philadelphia 76ers (49-23)

2- Brooklyn Nets (48-24)

3- Milwaukee Bucks (46-26)

4- New York Knicks (41-31)

5- Atlanta Hawks (41-31)

6- Miami Heat (40-32)


7- Boston Celtics (36-36)

8- Washington Wizards (34-38)

9- Indiana Pacers (34-38)

10- Charlotte Hornets (33-39)


1- Utah Jazz (52-20)

2- Phoenix Suns (51-21)

3- Denver Nuggets (47-25)

4- Los Angeles Clippers (47-25)

5- Dallas Mavericks (42-30)

6- Portland Trail Blazers (42-30)


7- Los Angeles Lakers (42-30)

8- Golden State Warriors (39-33)

9- Memphis Grizzlies (38-34)

10- San Antonio Spurs (33-39)

The play-in tournament will begin this Tuesday, with direct duels between the seventh and eighth of each conference, Celtics and Wizards on the one hand and Lakers and Warriors for the other. The winner will seal the seventh playoff ticket, while the loser will have another chance, this time before the winner of the duel between ninth and tenth.

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