This is how the LEB Oro playoff remains

After the dispute of the last day of the second phase, with a unified schedule, and waiting for the last game that was pending to be played, the playoff crossover table in the LEB Oro has been defined.

There is only one place to be defined in a series of quarters and it will depend on the result of this match to be played: Ourense-Murcia next Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. That place is the one of the first classified of the Permanence Group, which is for the moment for the Cáceres World Heritage Site, which can lose it at the hands of a Real Murcia Basketball on a roll, which has won in Burgos and has a pending match on Tuesday against Iberéolica Ourense.

This is how this decisive phase remains:

QUARTERS OF FINAL (From May 21 to 29)

ELIMINATORY A: Covirán Granada vs Cáceres PH / Real Murcia Bto

ELIMINATORY B: Río Breogán vs Palmer Alma Mediterrànea

ELIMINATORY C: Tau Castelló vs HLA Alicante

ELIMINATORY D: Leyma Coruña vs Liberbank Oviedo

SEMIFINALS (From June 1 to 9)



FINAL (From June 11 to 19)


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