Atlético miraculously goes back to Osasuna and will depend on itself

When he felt that the League was invariably escaping him, behind on the scoreboard against Osasuna with a goal by Ante Budimir In the 76th minute, after an incredible number of chances missed by Luis Suárez, Atlético de Madrid resurfaced to come back, stay in the lead and depend on itself to be champion, with Renan Lodi’s 1-1 and 2-1 of the Uruguayan battering ram.

On the edge of minute 88, everything changed for the rojiblanco team and for the tight fight for the title: they received Yannick Carrasco in the area, he dribbled, centered and found Luis Suárez, who recovered with 2-1, with the goal that can be worth a League, with the goal that rescued Atlético from the precipice, with the goal that keeps everything as it is, along with Real Madrid’s 1-0 win over Athletic Club.

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To the limit, The Uruguayan ‘9’ took off his shirt, anger and accumulated frustration moment by moment, occasion by occasion, failure by failure, throughout the match, especially in the first half, in a succession of saves by the goalkeeper or posts that transformed the game into a constant fight for Atlético against itself.

Because it is incredible, so strange, that Luis Suárez fails as much as he failed in the first half. Incomparable the scorer with everything he has given the team this season, with the punch he has shown almost always, Osasuna survived the first Atlético offensive, encouraged from outside the stadium by a thousand fans who were heard inside, insistent, ambitious …

For two reasons. First, because the tremendous scorer that he is Luis Suarez Then he clearly expressed his worst streak of the course; later, because Sergio Herrera, Osasuna’s goalkeeper, crossed paths with Atlético’s goalscoring pretensions, skillful in each set that required his intervention, at the beginning always against Luis Suárez.

The forward did not hit any. Nor in a rejection of Correa that he proposed to him only before the goalkeeper, who repelled his shot with the outside of his right foot with the reflections of his left hand; nor in a sensational pass from Carrasco, with a magnificent response from Herrera; neither in sending Saúl to his uncheck or, above all, with everything in favor, when Correa gave him a goal that was not by the left post.

He had time to control her, to accommodate her and to finish off Luis Suárez, that he adjusted it so much that the stick spat out his shot, between the opposition of two defenders – one of them throwing himself to the ground in desperation – and the goalkeeper, expectant, perhaps even overcome, at the mercy of the shot that Luis Suárez was going to choose, who forgave another.

All in 22 minutes, which showed in a visible way that there are no middle terms for this Atlético, who played all the time in the rival field, who monopolized the ball, who exerted the pressure he wanted, who played the game he had designed, who dominated insistently … And that he went to the intermission with a 0-0.

Another Luis Suárez failed, frustrated without success; still Herrera crossed a shot from Correa; even Osasuna cleared another one from Koke as best he could, Atlético still broke into their rival’s area a few more times, a territory that was also theirs; even Savic emerged in his defense to prevent his opponent’s only relevant attack and yet the post cleared a threatening more distant shot from Saúl.

After the first half, there are few meetings with such an evident superiority of a rival and with a goalless draw on the scoreboard. At that time, their two direct rivals for the League were also equaling at halftime: Real Madrid, in Bilbao; Barcelona, ​​at the Camp Nou against Celta. Nobody exerted pressure on anybody.

The question is how such a feeling was going to affect Atletico, that no matter how much he had done, it had been useless, only for a draw that today is worth nothing, pending the second half, pending his ability to repeat the entire previous proposition, with the complexity of generating so many opportunities.

He did not have them at the beginning of the second half, thicker and less overflowing, more jumbled. And when he scored, through Savic in a Trippier center, back in the 58th minute, or Carrasco, in the 66th, he did it offside, to persist 0-0, to sustain an increasingly stressful challenge Atlético – even more so when Real Madrid scored the 0-1 in San Mamés-, to which Correa rebelled over and over again, again with no sense in front of Sergio Herrera.

Only one, nothing more, one occasion, on the other hand, Osasuna needed, which took advantage of the only option they had until then in attack, with an accurate header from Ante Budimir, who Oblak cleared a few millimeters inside, to put Atlético on the ropes, which resurfaced when it was worst, against all circumstances, with the phenomenal pass from Joao Félix and the 1-1 from Renan Lodi nine minutes from the end and with the 2-1 from Luis Suárez. If the League is valid, it will be determined on the last day. He still needs to win in Valladolid.

– Data sheet:

2 – Atlético de Madrid: Oblak; Trippier, Savic, Felipe, Hermoso (Lodi, d. 65); Llorente, Koke, Saúl (Joao Féliz, d. 65), Carrasco; Correa (Dembélé, m. 81), Luis Suárez (Kondogbia, m. 90).

1 – Osasuna: Sergio Herrera; Ramalho, Unai García, David García, Juan Cruz, Rubén García; Kike Barja (Torró, m. 77), Darko, Moncayola, Jony (Roberto Torres, m. 65); Budimir (Enric Gallego, d. 77).

Goals: 0-1, m. 76: Budimir. 1-1, m. 81: Lodi. 2-1, m. 87. Luis Suárez.

Referee: Martínez Munuera (C. Valenciano). He admonished the local Luis Suárez (m. 89) and the visitors Budimir (m. 76) and Darko (m. 84)

Incidents: match corresponding to the thirty-seventh and penultimate round of LaLiga Santander played at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium without an audience.

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