This is how Kevin Pillar’s face looks after suffering a ball hit in the face: “I can’t breathe”

Kevin Pillar reappears after suffering a ball to the face.

Kevin Pillar can be considered a superhero. The Mets outfielder reappeared in Tuesday’s game against Braves after suffering multiple fractures to the face from a 95-mile pitch, and although he looked swollen, he was able to go out onto the field to greet the rivals.

Pillar made an appearance at the Truist Park where he shook hands with the umpires and gave a press conference where he spoke about his recovery.

“I feel good. I feel really good. Despite not looking so good, I feel as normal as possible. The only difficult thing is that my right eye is suffering from a bit of swelling and I can’t really breathe through my nose, but on top of that, I feel good and I feel lucky and excited to recover and come back. what I love to do. “

Despite being injured, Pillar mentioned feeling sad about not being able to help to the team the rest of the season.

“That’s what hurts the most. My face will heal, but my heart is broken right now because this team is suffering at this time. They gave me the opportunity to play every day, and I can’t do that and it hurts. “

Finally, he sent a message to Jacob Webb, the pitcher who threw the ball that injured him and stressed that he understands that it was not with intention.

“I know this guy didn’t want to hit me, he didn’t want to hit me in the face. Accidents happen. I know it feels bad. He and I talked last night and today. I’m almost more concerned for him than myself. I know how difficult it can be for someone to feel responsible for someone getting injured. I tried to convey that message to him. I know it was not intentional. He needs to keep trusting himself and his things. “

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