Curry appreciates LeBron’s gesture about the MVP: “When he says something, people listen to him”

LeBron James spent two minutes or so praising Stephen Curry’s excellent season, his rival in the all-or-nothing play-in tournament played by the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors tonight. Before the meeting, the recipient of James’s beautiful words thanked him for the gesture:

“LeBron knows that when he says something, people listen to him. That he has spoken about my candidacy for the MVP is something that I appreciate and something for which I respect him “.

Curry ruled out that the ’23’ was trying to justify a possible Los Angeles loss in the duel for seventh place in the West playoffs, and commented to the press that there is nothing behind LeBron’s words.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s me or if it’s him, there is always some other element”, he commented in reference to rumors that have placed Curry and LeBron on the same team in the future. What Steph, the top scorer of the NBA season, did say is that he will give everything against the Lakers, also against LeBron:

“When the lights come on, we are all competitors. I can talk about how cool he is until I get done, and he can do the same, but that does not change how I approach the competition when we are on the track ”.

The Warriors and the Lakers will face each other this morning from Wednesday 19 to Thursday 20 from 04:00 hours in Spain.

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