The urgency to design the staff and the budget, keys to the decline of the GBC

The descent of Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket, consummated this Wednesday with the defeat against Baskonia (63-81), he finds some of his keys in a low budget that has left the club with no room for maneuver and in the creation of an unbalanced squad against the clock.

It has been the most difficult season in ACB San Sebastian, due to the pandemic and because at the beginning of the summer ACB’s initial refusal to take part in the present edition of the Endesa League led him to go to court, which left the club with no room for maneuver.

The GBCAfter winning the battle in court, he had very few days to close a squad for which the competition has been too great.

The problems were aggravated by the injury for the entire season of the Colombian Jaime Echenique in January, one of the team’s benchmark players.

The club could not respond to his absence and limited himself to recovering the forward Mike carlson, who had been training with the squad waiting for a team, to have one more man in the rotation.

Brandone francis, another of the players called to make a difference, was cut due to poor performance in January, also without a substitute, and the clasp was put by another injury, in this case that of his captain Xabi Oroz, who suffered a serious ailment in his knee three days ago when his team was risking everything.

Good results in January and February had made the San Sebastian fans think that the miracle was possible but the forces reached until March and of the last eleven games the Basques only won two.

In addition, they lost practically all the clashes against their direct rivals by very wide markers, with which salvation became a chimera.

Now Acunsa GBC, at the same time that he competes in the two remaining days, he must reshape his team, publicize the future of the coaching staff that heads a Marcelo Nicola architect of the promotion but who has not been able to manage the wickers with which he had to make the ACB basket this season, and the fate of the vast majority of the current squad, since only Mikel Motos He has a contract in force for the next season.

Gipuzkoan basketball will have two teams in LEB Gold for the first time since Iraurgi, who works basketball in the inland towns of Azpeitia and Azkoitia, has risen brilliantly from the third category and will compete next season on all terrains with the project of a Gipuzkoa Basket you have to reset your counter from now on.

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