Piqué also hangs a canvas in Madrid

Gerard Piqué knows what to do and when to do it to get attention. Along these lines, this Friday he has become the protagonist of the morning in the city of Madrid with the Davis cup.

The capital woke up this morning to a giant canvas placed on Gran Vía, one of the busiest points in Madrid, with the following message: “In Madrid we are from the right and from the reverse”. From this message, which clearly uses a play on words, the words “from the right” are more prominent, a fact that has caused many comments on social networks.

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The strategy that Piqué and the Davis Cup team have used is reminiscent of Joan Laporta’s. During the electoral campaign, he hung a canvas with the message “I want to see you again.” It was a media boom and Piqué has repeated the formula, which will be there for the next 15 days.

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