The Turkish GP falls off the Formula 1 calendar and the Champions final in Istanbul falters

Sebastian Vettel, with Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel, with Aston Martin
Sebastian Vettel achieved his best result in 2020 in Turkey
Zak Mauger / Aston Martin F1

The organization of Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix will announce shortly the final cancellation of the race, scheduled for next weekend of June 11-13, and everything indicates that it will not be replaced by another appointment before the little time of maneuver. The organizers of the Austrian GP they offered to host one more race, and are waiting for the FOM to decide.

If there is no substitute, one more year, the scheduled calendar is adjusted and it will not have the 23 scheduled appointments, but 22. The race in Istanbul Park had already entered as a substitute for the Canadian GP, ​​which will not be held this year either.

The reason for this suspension are flight restrictions. The advance of coronavirus and fear of new strains have led the British government to place Turkey on a red list of countries with a ban on flights originating there, except for causes of extreme necessity or very justified.

Given that practically all the teams are based in the United Kingdom, the Formula 1 event was unfeasible.

Many pilots were eager to return to Turkey, which in 2020 entered the calendar due to the massive cancellation of tests. One of the ones I wanted the most was Sebastian vettel, which here achieved his last podium for Ferrari and the best result of the season.

The Champions, pending

Chelsea vs.  Manchester City

The British government seeks to change the venue of the Champions League final to the United Kingdom

This suspension has put the UEFA. The end of the Champions League Come in Manchester City Y Chelsea next May 29 (two weeks before the start date of the Turkish GP) is scheduled to be held in Istanbul, but the British government’s decision has made it possible to rethink.

This eventuality has already been raised by the executive of Boris johnsonTaking advantage of the fact that it will be a meeting between two teams from the same country, they intend for the final for the ‘Orejona’ to be played in their territory.

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