Bàsquet Manresa and Baxi will continue together for three more seasons

The Basketball Manresa Y Baxi announced this Tuesday the agreement to renew the sponsorship of the boilers and air conditioning systems brand with the Catalan entity’s first team. A relationship that will last at least three more seasons and that implies a significant increase in the budget compared to the relationship that began 3 years ago.

“The contribution we have made to Manresa it has not ceased to exist during these difficult times of the pandemic and we are now significantly increasing our budget from what we agreed to a season ago. It is an increase that, let’s say, is not the standard, but rather grows a lot in this second stage “, explains the CEO of Baxi, Jordi Mestres.

The presentation ceremony took place this afternoon in the center of the Nou Congost de Manresa track. The president of the entity, Josep Saez, accompanied by Mestres and also by the coach Pedro Martinezas well as the team captain Guillem Jou, have formalized the agreement before players of the first team and club managers.

Josep Saez recognizes that this agreement “implies stability for the club.” “Baxi has always bet on us. We cannot forget that they trusted this club just the year we were climbing from LEB Oro and everything was new for them. This agreement gives us a route to build a long-standing project and build a competitive workforce ”, he pointed out.

The club president recalled that the union with Baxi It has coincided with “a good stage for the club.” the Endesa League”.

On the other hand, the coach of Baxi Manresa, Pedro Martinez it has not wanted to pronounce on its renewal. “Today the leading role is for the club and the sponsor. We have been talking to the president for some time and we are seeing how we can do it. But there is still one game left and there are also important players who end their contract and you have to talk to them.

The event was closed by the team captain and forward of the same, Guillem Jou, who has closed his continuity in the Catalan club. “Very happy to continue being the captain of this team. We are living a very good season and we have to keep fighting until the end. We hope that the following season the public will return to the Nou Congost.

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