The Suns look for an answer that goes through Chris Paul

The Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks are planted in the fifth game of the NBA Finals 2021 with the equality as a common denominator of the tie. So far no one has broken the home court factor, although the last two wins of the Wisconsin franchise they redouble the pressure of the whole of Arizona on his return to Phoenix.

Historically, the winner of the fifth game after the tie in the tie for the title has taken the ring 72% of the time (21 of 29) Milwaukee will seek to assault the rival fiefdom maintaining the line that has led them to win by toughness and resistance in the third and fourth games of the tie, with special incidence of Khris Middleton (40 points in the fifth game) and an excellent Giannis Antetokounmpo, the main reason the Bucks have caught their breath in the Finals.

The Suns, meanwhile, must find their devastating rhythm again, a pace that has been led all year by a Chris Paul lost in Game 4. The veteran point guard is the thermometer of Monty Williams’ team, the extension of the coach on the track. You need to give more rhythm to the game of yours, and recover from losses that marked the defeat of his team at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee.

The Bucks threw 19 more shots than the Suns in Game 4 and committed 12 fewer losses than the opponent.. Given the equality between both teams, these two statistics explained the visiting defeat. In his fiefdom, Phoenix wants to start from 0 led by CP3. “In this league, when you play long enough you have a short-term memory.”, appreciated the helmsman of Phoenix. “You cannot keep thinking about either the victories or the defeats. If you win by 20 or lose by 20, you have to start over from 0. Parts of this, this is the mentality that we have ”.

Williams, a Phoenix coach, said that his team’s problems in the third and fourth games can be corrected by being more demerit than the opponent’s merit. “When you lose the ball so many times, it is not something usual in our group “explained the coach. “They hunted the ball once, but many times it was our thing and it is something we can correct ”.

Paul’s bad game, according to his coach, was a sign on the player’s own radar. The veteran point guard is expected to go all out in Game 5 after hitting 14 hits of 20 attempts from three between the start of the Conference Finals and the first two games of the NBA Finals. Since then, Paul has only hit a 6-shot 3-pointer.

Phoenix needs more aggressiveness and more assertiveness from its captain. With Devin Booker recovered with 42 points in the fourth game, after their 10 in the third, the Suns understand they must put their pieces together, run as a group and play “hard”, a word that Williams has repeated countless times in recent days.

Mike Budenholzer’s corrections from the Milwaukee bench have had an effect, as has the reaction of the squad, which accompanied Anteto and Middleton at a good pace in the third and fourth games. The Bucks have chained three games under 10 turnovers, and they’ve outscored Phoenix 39-9 in second-chance points after finishing the first two games 26-26.

After his providential plug on Deandre Ayton, one of the best plays of the XXI century Finals, Antetokounmpo assures that they must turn the page to continue winning: “I cannot explain what happened, but that is now past. If you speak of the past, speak your ego. I appreciate the moment, but we must turn the page “.

It is the most repeated opinion of a very close tie. What has happened so far does not matter much, since “The next game is always the most important”, as expressed Mikal bridges in the previous one. Once again, both teams prepare to put on a magnificent show. It will be from 03:00 peninsular hours in Spain.

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