Follow live the unprecedented sprint qualifying race decided by the British GP grid

Fernando Alonso, at the Silverstone circuit

Fernando Alonso, at the Silverstone circuit
Fernando Alonso, at the Silverstone circuit
XPB / James Moy Photography Ltd.

The Formula 1 a new era opens this weekend. The new sprint classification that takes place in Silverstone not only will it be the first race of the Great Circus held on a Saturday since 1985 South African GP, but it will also allow the fight for pole not to be looking for the best time on a lap, but fighting each other for position.

Fernando Alonso, at the British GP

Fernando Alonso classifies 11th in the first classification without ‘pole’ in the history of Formula 1

The format is easy to understand: a race of 17 laps (about 100 km) that will last half an hour and that will be disputed on a determined grid in a classification to use defined on Friday. Lewis hamilton He will start first, although he is not considered a ‘poleman’ because that will be the result of this race.

Once completed, there will be no podium but there will be a celebration on the asphalt with the delivery of a laurel wreath to the winner. Something more specific will be the points that are distributed: 3, 2 and 1 to the first three of this test. Your official name: sprint qualifying race.

There are many doubts about this experiment: will the pilots risk the maximum or will it be a procession? What wheels will each ride? Will they resist? What kind of celebration will it be?

  • Fernando Alonso, at the Austrian GP

    This is the revolutionary sprint qualification, the latest experiment to attract young people to F1

    David Sánchez de Castro

The result of this novel session will determine the starting grid for this Sunday’s race, which will be totally normal.

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